For the making of beer the four principal ingredients are water, malt, hops & yeast. Below we explain the major steps during the process.
With respect to the past, but responsible for the future, we aim at obtaining organic certification for our beer and limit the impact on the climate by a.o. using solar panels and filtered rain water.

All beer starts with grain

The most common grain used to make beer is barley, mainly made up by starch. This is a long chain of sugar molecules, needed for the fermentation process. In order to convert the starch into fermentable sugars, the raw grain is turned into germinated grain during the malting process.

Fermentation is where the magic happens!

Crushed malt is being mixed with warm water, called the mash and afterwards filtered. This liquid portion of the mash is called the wort. This is brought to boiling temperature in order to kill any potential pre-existing microorganisms. Once cooled down, the unfermented beer is brought to a fermentation vat. Depending on the type of yeast that is used, the microbes ferment the majority of the sugars into alcohol, CO2, acids, flavors and aromas.